Post offices has one window in Assiut - 3

All post offices in Assiut ( 55)

Post offices work at saturday in Assiut Post offices has afternoon work schedule in Assiut Post offices has one window in Assiut
Office Address Postal code Work Saturday
Catarrh Abdellah _ociot Catarrh Abdella / Assiut Center 71772 Not Available
The children of Abraham The children of Abraham / conf Center 71778 Not Available
Mubarak City Mubarak City / conf Center 71783 Not Available
Open City Open City / Conquest Center / u Supply 71785 Not Available
Qusiya sub Qusiya El Sheikh Bakhit Center 71659 Available
Alnoorh tribal Alnoorh tribal / Badari Center 71784 Not Available
Deir Lune The village of Deir Lune before middle school / sound Coast 71814 Not Available
College of Pharmacy Faculty of Pharmacy / conf Center 71526 Not Available
Abu Tig country Abu Tig center / front of the sports club 71664 Not Available
Al Shanaina Al Shanaina / Sadfa Center 71788 Not Available
Sadfa sub Sadfa / Abul Abbas El Center 71797 Not Available
Assiut pensions Assiut pensions / Assiut 71521 Not Available
مدينة اسيوط الجديدة 71684 Not Available
Beni Saleh Alqosia Beni Saleh Alqosia 71768 Not Available
the corner Corner / Assiut Center 71746 Not Available