Post offices work at saturday in Assiut - 1

All post offices in Assiut ( 12)

Post offices work at saturday in Assiut Post offices has afternoon work schedule in Assiut Post offices has one window in Assiut
Office Address Postal code Work Saturday
Assiut Conf / New Movement Center Building 71511 Available
Abnoub Abnoub / Port Said St. Center 71717 Available
Qusiya Qusiya / Qusiya Center 71631 Available
Assiut tank Assiut tank / conf Center / Institute of girls Azhar 71514 Available
Salim Coast Sahel Selim Center 71723 Available
Sadfa Sadfa Center / u station 71748 Available
Qrchih Dirout Qrchih Dirout / Dirout Center 71615 Available
Abu Tig sub Abu Tig center / front of the Bank of Egypt 71642 Available
Ghanayem Ghanayem Center 71742 Available
Second Badari Badari / u Center Credit Bank 71766 Available
Manfalot sub Republic u / Manfalot Center 71638 Available
Qusiya sub Qusiya El Sheikh Bakhit Center 71659 Available