Post offices has one window in Assiut - 1

All post offices in Assiut ( 55)

Post offices work at saturday in Assiut Post offices has afternoon work schedule in Assiut Post offices has one window in Assiut
Office Address Postal code Work Saturday
Assiut Conf / New Movement Center Building 71511 Available
Abnoub Abnoub / Port Said St. Center 71717 Available
Obotej Abu Tig Center / next to the station 71641 Not Available
Or deficiencies Or deficiencies / Manfalot Center 71654 Not Available
The children of Elias Children of despair / Sadfa Center 71753 Not Available
Badari Albulaazh Badari Center / u divans 71727 Not Available
Albulaazh Albulaazh / Obotej Center / Hospital St. 71738 Not Available
Alhuatch Alhuatch / Manfalot / u Arabism Center 71716 Not Available
Dwair Dwair / Sadfa Center 71751 Not Available
Sham Salim Coast / Levantine village center 71725 Not Available
Qusiya Qusiya / Qusiya Center 71631 Available
Nekheila Nekheila / Obotej Center / next to the police station 71747 Not Available
Neonatal Neonatal / Assiut Center 71517 Not Available
Brown is Hearing Brown listens and / Obotej Center / School next Ambassador 71644 Not Available
Kara Brown Built Kara / Qusiya Center 71651 Not Available
Built Adiat Built Adiat / Manfalot Center / next Mrkzchaabab built Adiat 71622 Not Available
Assiut University Assiut / campus 71515 Not Available
Assiut tank Assiut tank / conf Center / Institute of girls Azhar 71514 Available
Dashlout Dashlout / Dirout Center 71613 Not Available
Sensible sea Hobble Admiral / Badari Center 71728 Not Available